South African rapper’s fiance dies after falling from hotel 10th floor.

South African rapper AKA’s fiancee Annelle ‘Nelly’ Tembe died from the 10th floor of a five-star hotel in Cape Town. According to the information received, couple of hours before the accident, the couple was seen dancing in a nightclub.
After this incident AKA and Nelly’s family said in a joint statement, ‘We are still in shock. She was an extraordinary and talented young woman, leading her entire life. She was of good nature and always took care of the people around her.

In this moment of our grief, we humbly request the people that our families be given time to emerge from this shock. The accident took place on Sunday, April 11 at 7.30 am. The investigation of the case has been started by the police and all are being questioned. Anelle was 22 years old and in February 2021 she had engaged with AKA.

Kapil Choudhary

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