Ramita Taneja

Call 1:

HE : “Namestay Madam, सब ठीक ? मैंने सोचा आप से पूछ लू , oxygen cylinder की ज़रूरत तो नहीं ? Market में black हो रहा है !
आपको जानता हूँ, आप मदद करते हो, इसलिए आपसे पूछ रहा हूँ !”

ME : Namestay Bhaiya, No I don’t need a cylinder as of now. Thank God for that, if I ever fall in the need will contact you. Thank you so much

HE : मैडम रख लो, emergency के लिए.

ME : Bhaiya if all of us start stocking for “maybe”, an emergency..then what will happen to those who need it in emergency?

HE : ठीक है मैडम, आपकी मर्ज़ी, मेरा तो high rate पर बिक रहा है

After hanging up this call, I wondered, should I save it for a rainy day ? Or should I let it be available for those who may need?


ME : Hi, How are you doing now ? Fully recovered ? You scared us man, you were so unwell.

HE : Yeah, am ok now. Was in ICU for a couple of days and then recovered due to plasma given by donors. It was all so scary.

ME : Oh yeah, we had a bad time looking for verified donors, so many messages were floating and most of them were not verified donors. Infact one person said, looks like someone has played a prank with my number.

HE : Bless those guys who donated, one came from as far as dwarka to Noida.

ME : Oh that’s really nice, so now that it’s been the desired number of days to be a donor, should I share your number with a friend in need ?

HE : OH NO NO!!, I have recovered due to someone helping but not sure if second time round we will find someone who is so thoughtful. I rather be safe. I don’t want to risk going to a hospital.
But yes God bless the donor who came for me !!

I have no answer.
It’s easy to blame the system, the hospitals, the government but what about us ?

No Gyan ! Just think yourself

Kapil Choudhary

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